Value of a 86 XL600

My Co-Worker has an 86 XL600 he wants to sell. what do they go for? what are they worth in decent running condition?

Here in the Bay Area (Ca.) I believe I see them for between $1500 to $1700, although it may be possible to ask for more, depending on whether or not he kept the street registration current, whether he has it registered for off-road use, and how many legal mods have been done that help it run better but don't affect the reliability...

The other day I was coming out of Lucky's here in Oakley, Ca. and a dude was getting out of a 4x4 and wanted to know if I wanted to sell my '83 XL600R (completely stock, both mirrors, etc.) for $1500....

1600 seemed fair for an all-original '87 with 1200 miles on it a couple months ago. Any more than that and I would have used the cash as a down payment on a brand new XL650 instead.

Just bought a '85 XL600 from a BMW mechanic for $1200. Seemed like a fair deal for both of us. 13,500 miles. Plated here in MA, no small task.

Only issue is an oil leak that new case seals will fix.

Came with a larger Clarke tank.

I will ride it about 250 miles tomorrow and will report back.

Would be nice to find the 2000 mile XL garaged since '91 for $250 but no such luck.

This ol' skool XL will replace my '01 DRZ400E that runs and performs great but just hasn't lit my fire (it will be for sale with plenty of extras in the Spring).

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