Stuck oil screen plug!

So I was changing the oil out of my(new to me) 03 450exc this weekend and went to pull the 'long' oil screen(not filter) and the 8mm hex plug that holds it in was already rounded out and I couldn't extract it. do I get it out now, without getting drilled plug shavings into the motor??:crazy:

Is that the side hex bolt plug or the lower allen bolt plug?

For the side hex bolt plug you may be able to get a set of small thin vise grips on the head. Definately use a punch or long socket extension and give the bolt a couple smacks. This will help loose the bolt. That bolt/plug is very shallow so drilling would be a bad idea. The other option is to JB Weld a bolt, old socket, or metal rod to the end of the plug. Make sure the plug is very clean. It will take a little over 24hours for the epoxy to cure, but it should be strong enough to take it out.

For the lower allen plug and I the same problem. I used a large bolt extractor that fit just inside the allen head. After tapping it in place the allen bolt came right out.

It is the lower one..I think..when you're looking at the bottom of the engine, it sticks right towards you.....the other one that is higher point foreward.

So use a large e-z-out to extract the 8mm allen plug?

Yes, I used a large ez out. The ez out I have is just big enough that I have to tap it into the allen bolt. I have to admit I've never seen an ez out this big in the store. I got mine from my grandpa who used to work on big trucks. What part of California are you in?

JB Welding an 8mm bolt into the allen will work also. Epoxy the bolt head into the allen with 2 jam nuts on the other end of the bolt so you have something to turn. If your not familiar with Jb Weld it's a two part epoxy that is SUPER strong. It takes 24 hours to cure.

Look into the oil screen bolt from Brap Offroad. It has a regular hex head making life easier.

I'd find something, either a good extractor or an sae allen socket you can get in it good and tight. Be careful though as these plugs are prone to cracking. I would then heat the case around the plug which will expand it and break the bond. This will help tremendously in getting it out. A simple propane torch will work and you don't need to get it real hot.

If all that failed, I would weld a bolt into the plug and then take it out. You will ruin the o-ring and maybe even the screen, but better than cracking the case like was recently posted here. Might as well get yourself a Brap plug ordered.

In addition to heating the case, apply the tip of dry ice or ice cube to the plug. If you have any doubt about your abilities, pay a shop who has done this before. The Brap plug is a must do mod to the KTM. I suggest replacing it when the bike is new, the plug is easier to remove.

They make special extractors for socket head cap screws. It is a tapered socket that you can drive into the head. I don't see them in stores too often, but you can find them in MSC, Grainger, etc. Do a search for "Sock-it-out head cap screw removal tool" Must have especially for countersunk screws.


I too had the same problem. After days of trying different things, I decided I had no alternative than to use an ezout. It didn't work. But in torquing the ezout in, I saw that I was beginning to crack the case. Crap. I stopped at that point and took it to the local KTM dealer's shop knowing I was in for an expensive repair. Fortunately for me, I had only put a hairline crack in the surface and the shop was able to repair the whole mess for only about $200. Lesson learned for me: don't over tighten the stupid 8mm oil screen plug. Funny thing is that the shop told me I was the second one to bring in a bike with an stuck oil screen plug that week. Poor other guy had to have new cases.

All this just for trying to remove an oil plug?

Does anyone else think this might be a design defect?

I'll look into the aftermarket plug mentioned in above posts.

I had good luck tack welding a bolt inside the hex to remove the plug.

Had the same problem on a 250xcf. Ended up cracking the engine case. 4 months later I got parts from KTM Austria. Be careful. By the way KTM knows this is an issue. Zip Tye makes a replacment bolt!!

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