Considering a new toy, but had a question.

I'm considering a 2006 YZ 450F or 250F. I know the topic has been beat to death, but looking for some fresh info.

I have been reading the YZ 250f and 450f forums. Seems like many don't like the way the bikes turn, and on the 250f, there have been clutch problems.

Guess I'd like to hear from some of the satisfied owners and how the issues were fixed, or is there really a problem?

For the record, I am a fairly fast A woods rider, 47 yrs old, 175lbs, but only race once and a while, ride for fun often. When I raced moto I was a mid pack Vet A, but have been avoiding huge air over the last 4-5 years for obvious reasons.

For bikes, I currently own : 2006 YZ125 and 250, and also have a 2003 YZ250 with SM wheels that I aquired.. I have had a few thumpers(2003 YZ250f and YZ450F, 2004 CRF250x), but keep sticking with 2 stroke.

I've been taking my 5 year old boy to the tracks lately and have had the itch to have a thumper again to play on, especially when the tracks are hardpacked and slick.

I'll be the first to admit that I don't need another bike. Anyway, I started looking and found 2 screaming deals on almost new 2006 YZ 250F and 450F. Low hours, owned by a tall pro who just didn't like the way the YZ's fit him. He bought them in Feb. 2006, but bought an 07 Kawi 450 in July of 06. The dad thought he would ride the YZ's, but the bikes have just been sitting, especially the 250f which has about 15 hours on it, and a bunch of goodies.

At first I thought I wanted the 450f, but the 250f could also get some good trail use. The SM wheels would be nice on the 450 for a canyon cruzer when not in the MX track mode. Still undecided!

I figured if I could buy one of them at a great price, what the heck. I have no plans to get rid my 06 2 strokes.

I know, I have issues! Way too many bikes!

Just looking for some feedback from owners of similar bikes and ability.



I own the 06 450 and it seems do to pretty well when I raised the forks, got them revalved and ditched the crap stock tire. I wasn't sure how to believe the guys that were dissing the stock tire until I actually switched....what a difference in the mud!!!

if you can sit off the tank a bit, it will turn really well. it just takes seat time to get used to the bike.. also raise the forks in the trees about 5-10mm and it will help out a lot.. 24mm offset clamps will do the trick as well.

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