brakepads dead!

I just put new brake pads on my 01 wr426 and after one ride the outside pad on the rear was chewed down to nothing. what did i do wrong?

:) Thats the one against the brake piston, I would suspect that the piston has siezed slightly, causing it to rub all the time, hence the premature wear, I would investigate this first, worst case is a new seal kit and bleed up, not that much bother, but needs doing :D

Either the caliper is not sliding on the pins or the piston is hanging (not releasing) when hydraulic pressure is applied. If you take a screwdriver and carefully push the piston back into the caliper does it move easily (slow, smooth and steady)? If it does not, open the bleeder, now does it push back in? If so, you could have some sort of blockage in the line. Once it's back, does the caliper move back and forth on the pins? Also make sure you did not twist the brake hose and re-install the caliper with a twist in the hose.

Good Luck


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