Front tire swap

Just bolted up my 87'CR500R front rim to my 04XR650L. The only problem is you need a longer spacer on the speedo side and remove the speedo cable. The fit for me was a spare spacer from the other side as you couldn't double spacer with the same side(too long). I dont use my speedo, I use a GPS.

The rear tire is a different story. The axle on the CR is bigger and wont fit the XRL's swingarm. The XRL shaft is too small. I guess the better setup would be to machine out the XRL swingarm and run CR shafts and rims. I have CR rims sittin around here and don't want to spend 500+ for a new rear rim.

I have an 89XR600R that has drum brakes(suck). Anybody swap a CR swingarm for an XR600R or an XR650l????? That may be a winter experiment, when there isn't enough snow to ride sled!!

are you tard'n it? or did you do a USD conv.?

Tardin' Just a rim swap!! No usd's to use.

too bad you dont have some USD alot more brake applications for your front now.

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