Which exhaust sytem is the most quiet?

WIth the exception of the stock system, which unit makes the least noise? Unplugged muffler makes more noise than I am comfortable with in some areas. Thanks, Kevin

I'd say the DRZ muffler makes the least noise of all.

As far as the WR - the FMF 4Q tamed the noise on my 250F to very reasonable levels - provided an increase in power and a decrease in weight. Others say the Big Gun quiet exhaust is the way to go - but I have not heard the noise of it myself.

The stock KTM520EXC exhaust is the quietest i've ever heard. And, the beauty is that the bike rips with it! :) I just put the FMF "Quiet" on my 00WR400F. It is still too loud and I just hope it passes Ranger Dick's sound test! :D Why is it that KTM can make a quiet pipe for their bikes and we can't get one for the Yamaha's that doesn't suck? Its really irritating because I love my WR otherwise.

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