HELP! Stripped compression guide bolt


I stripped the guide bolt for my compression release after re-installing it after a valve adjustment. It's HOSED baby!

I've been reading all the AWESOME posts about stripped bolts on ThumperTalk and see that many people either use a heli-coil or threaded insert. But I don't know what kind to order?

Locking? Thick? Thin? Blue? Purple? (just kidding about the blue and purple). There are so many to choose from and I have NO idea what to order. Also, do I need an installation tool? Can I order from the internet or can I find a place here in Denver to help me? When I drill out the existing threads, how can I clean out the metal shavings adequately?

The bolt is an M6 but I'm not sure how long or what thread type it is.



Bryan in Denver...

a while back i stripped same bolt.i tried fixing it using loctite but it didnt hold.i ended up fixing it with a heli-coil.i've have about 20 hrs. riding time since heli-coil and havent had any problems.i suggest you buy heli-coil kit[not just heli-coils]kit includes drill bit,tap,heli-coils and heli-coil installation tool.kit is about $25.the only problem i had was finding heli-coils in metric need m6 x1.25pitch heli-coils.

Hey Dude,

Do as suggested and get the whole kit. When drilling out the hole, you can put lot's of grease on your drill bit, this will help collect the shavings. You might also try and tape some fuel line to your shop vac and try to suck out what's left. Then a promt oil change after starting and running the bike for a little bit.

Glad to see ya around.


I think I stripped mine last year. When I put it back in, it felt like it was stripped. It never seated up well. That is the main reason I haven't done my valves lately. I'm afraid to take that bolt back out.

Thanks guys.

Hey Dougie, didn't I see that you used a Heli-coil for some other stripped bolt? Where did you get the heli-coil in the Denver area?

I've been looking around on internet sites, but many don't sell metric for less then 8mm. I need a 6mm. Not sure of the length.

I also stripped this bolt however there was enough thread to reinstall it with a generous amount of lock-tite to hold it in hopefully permanetly. You can take apart and reinstall the decompression mechanism without touching this bolt by first releasing the cable at the lever and then putting the barrel in the pivot arm and then tightening the bolt that holds the bracket to the engine. I just have to be sure I use this method in the future...Just realized that the shaft will have to come out to get to that one shim hopefully it will stay in spec for a long time!

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i bought m6 heli-coils at K-119 [650]588-0160

I did the same. I went to a bolt supply house (industrial fasteners), they had the kit. The only hint of a problem was the helicoil was a little long and hit the comp release arm. I removed the helicoil and put another on a little shaoolwer and have had no problem.

I got mine at my father in law's True Value.

Dougie is spamming, DANGER, DANGER :):D:D:D


That's what I thought too Bill, but Dougie didn't supply any phone numbers or link information. Sounded like free advertising! :) (just kidding Doug).

Actually, KerryT stripped the same bolt last year and bought a heli-coil to fix it. He still has some extra's so I can do my fix for FREE baby!

KerryT: You da man!

Now hang on, I never mentioned that the True Value was located on Iliff and Buckley did I? :)

Is this a case of poor design? Sounds like a lot of us are stripping this bolt. But then again, I have about 95% of my bolts stripped on this thing. :D

Bryan, any experienced 50cc Dad will have a 6mm kit in his toolbox :) ! Know any? (damned Motori Morini engines). I get mine, SAE & metric at Napa. The really cool thing is they are far stronger than the original hole. The different thicknesses just depend on how bad the damage is and how big you need to drill the old hole out. If in doubt, ANY competent machine shop can do it for you with ease. Good luck and THANKS! :D Scott

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