The Odd Bunch

Was reading a recent issue of an Australian Dirt Bike magazine, 'Australasian Dirt Bike' the other day.

There was an article entitled, 'The Odd Bunch'. The article was about options for a 600cc+ dual purpose bikes.

Here are the choices:

Kawasaki KLR650

Suzuki DR650SE

Husqvarna TE610

KTM 625SXC (LC4)

Husaberg FE650e


Notice any major motorcycle manufacturer missing? Notice not any mention of the 650 bike will all ride ? (remember, the 650R 'used to' come plated Down Under).

If the above machines are the Odd Bunch, what are we, the forgotten Odder Bunch ?

If I cross my fingers and wish hard enough, maybe Santa will bring me that Berg for Christmas.

Both the R and L are unfortunately no longer in available in Oz Paul.

The L is not even available in Australia anymore?

Being aware of the end of the R, I was not surprised it wasn't mentioned in the article, the surprising thing though is no replacement.

They stopped being sold in 2005.

Seeing as Honda are out of the big bore market in Oz, what bike would you boys in Australia buy from the list if your XR gave up the ghost?

From that list the Husablerb 550 or 650 in a flash if i had to go something else.

But i won't be selling the old PIG in a hurry.

That Berg looks wicked. Yeah, keep that R weskc35k. Do you still have your CR500 as well ? When I was in Oz, I remember seeing CR500Es plated for the street, and ready to go on sale. Wicked.

No but i got a CRF500 if that counts?

Yeah they plated all the 01's that they couldn't sell and ADR'ed them

Australian Design Regulations for rego.

What's a CRF500? 450 with hop up kit ? If so, it counts !!!

Yeah it's kinda hopped up,ported and some other stuff.

I ride big red when i need rego or are going all day and the CRF when i do sprint trails ,mx and stuff.

But and this is weird i often choose big red over the CRF anyway..

Great to have the choice available. Fair play to you.

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