XR 650 2006 Fuel Tanks

I'm looking for some advice on a possible range of available oversize fuel tanks to fit my XR.

IMS has a 3.2 and 4.6 gallon. Clarke has a 4.3. People on here have both with positives and negatives on both. I have both the IMS 4.6 and the Clarke 4.3. The Clarke is a little narrower and stock like for the big tanks. The IMS 3.2 is just a little bigger and very stock like in profile.

Acerbis also makes huge rally tanks for the 650R. If you were to do a search you'll find a lot of info on this. Hope this helps.


I've ridden and raced with both 3.2 and 4.6 IMS.

Both feel the same to me on this bike. (not much different than stock)

The 3.2 will give you about 75-80 miles and the 4.6- about 110- moderate to hard off-road riding.

Thanks Lee, a great help.


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