decompression issues?

My 02 XR650R has what appears to be a loose decomp lever at the engine.

The lever at the engine is sloppy with no real return spring action.

The external return spring is definitely loose.

Is there a spring inside the rocker cover?

Is there a possibility of the decomp mechanism staying open and allowing compression out during running?

How does the little bugger work in there?

The bike still seems to firm up at TDC and the release still allows you to get past it though?

Do I have to remove the lever from the engine to replace the external spring?

sorry cant help u here but this will go to the top so hopefully someone will chime in.

There is a spring in there. Pull off the cover. Look at pg 8-5. The spring is on the outside and a bolt on the cover needs removed to do so. Check to make sure that the rocker arms aren't sticking to anything. They probably aren't.

It is possible it is staying open. See this

and search the forums for more info. I had to remove the auto decompresser from the cam and it fixed the problem.

I got rid of the auto decomp as well; that was half the reason for going with a Hotcam for me. Mine made a ton of noise at idle, so I finally just decided to get rid of it. The bike has sounded a lot better since then...

And there are specs for adjusting your manual decomp as well. I believe the shop manual says that your manual decomp lever should have no more than 8mm of free play at the tip of the lever. Try adjusting that and see if it helps. If not, take the valve cover off, and go from there.

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