Exhaust System '07 WR450f

In searching and reviewing many of the posts regarding the aftermarket pipes for the 07 WR450, I found many of the posts helpful and informative. I am seriously contemplating a full header pipe system and am leaning toward either the FMF 4.1 Titanium or the Pro Circuit Ti-4 Titanium. I ride in Costa Rica and want improved power and need a pipe with a removable spark arrestor. Since I am not subject to noise restrictions, a bit more noise is helpful for safety. Many of the trails that we ride are cattle paths in the mountains and the noise tends to keep them from being a hazard. I appreciate anyand all opinions on these pipes or others before I right the check. I also appreciate any and all opinions on going with slip on versus full system.

Dont rule out Dr. D... The full system w/ spark arrestor is solid, fits better than stock and will give you the performance and noise level you are looking for... For a lot less $$$ than the FMF or the Pro Circuit pipes! Don't get me wrong, FMF and PC are great pipes, I am just sharing my experience with Dr. D on an 07. I had the same requirements as you when i started looking for a pipe and I am exteremely pleased with Dr. D. In the Bahamas we dont have to look out for cows, just really bad drivers! Good luck with whatever you go with.

I'm sort of in the same boat though I need the noise to scare bears. I had a big blacky the other day that wouldn't get off the trail. I had to rev the piss out of it for awhile to scare him off. Grizzly bears are the real issue though and you want lots of noise to scare them off.

I'm interested in how the FMF works with the quiet insert as well for the times when I do ride in areas with noise restriction.

I run a straight pipe just like a harley rider on my 450.

The thing is so loud it breaks the ear drums of the eco-faggots as I ride by.

I also wear ass-less leather chaps and a nazi helmet to complete the whole look.

I have an 07 wr450 and I run a fmf megabomb header/factory 4.1 muffler. I bought the spark arrestor screen for it. The performance is of the system is awesome. You absolutely have to jet your bike if you are going to run a new system. I am not totally sure that I pass sound, or that the spark arrestor is usfs approved. If I had it to do all over again I would get the titanium megabomb header, and the titanium Q4.1 muffler. The powerbomb header is a good value if you don't want shell out the money for the megabomb. I had one for a short time but I crushed it when my bike fell off a little cliff. I upgraded to the megabomb after that. It is a bit better, but pricey. The powerbomb is 98% as good at 60% of the price. FMF makes the best stuff though, hands down. Dr D. is a lot cheaper, but nowhere near as good either in performance or looks wise.

Go with this slip-on brought my bike to life! Used a 170 main, 48 pilot, 3rd clip on ais needle, fuel screw at 1 1/4 turn out!:bonk:B) B)



I run a straight pipe just like a harley rider on my 450.

The thing is so loud it breaks the ear drums of the eco-faggots as I ride by.

I also wear ass-less leather chaps and a nazi helmet to complete the whole look.


Very non-PC.

I'm forwarding this to Dick Cheney....and Rush.


I have heard good things about FMF products. One attribute that the FMF pipe offers is the repalcemenet parts, i.e. taco the header and replace it. I was thinking go with a slip-on and change out to the mega bomb header when the stock header is in need of replacement. I bought JD Jetting Kit and the AIS conversion. Any downside with going the slip on route for now or should I go ahead and drop the extra $$ and go full system?

La 450 esta sobrada para Costa Rica, la nueva mufla la va aponer mas dificil de manejar y con menos torque.

Tengo un amigo que mas bien le quito la mufla FMF y le volvio a poner la original.

Y esta feliz.

Mejor gasta la plata seteando la suspension.

I like WB E-2 pipes. They seem to be very good quality and the packing lasts a long time. I buy the slip on because I'm cheap and if I trash a header pipe I can find a YZ header on eBay cheap.

I went with the Dr. D (I put in the quiet insert) and all the usual mods- bike Screams!



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