07 450 valves

Ok, I was racing a HS and plugged the filter on my 450 ,change the filter and don't know how but the bottom didn't seat all the way and got a little dust in the air box.Soo I checked the carb and the slide and it didn't seem to have any sandy grit feeling to it,nothing visible and not to bad.Completely tore the carb apart and had nothing in the bowl and nothing was plugged with dirt or anything.Well I checked the vavles and it seems that the intake side is tight...I can get an .008mm under the valve but not the .010mm that it says that it needs and I don't have a .009mm.The 8 feels kinda loose but the 10 won't go....soo does anyone think that the dust had anything to do with this and should I be worried or do a complete tear-down or just adjust the valves and go? The bike has about 60 hrs and oil and filter was change at 5hr intervals after break in and the bike still sounds and runs fine...this sucks so any sug. would be great...thanks:thumbsup:

If it's all 3 intakes, I'd try another feeler gauge first. Grab an English 0.004" and try that.

If they turn out tight, then shim them into spec and re-check them after each of the next couple of rides. If they were damaged, they'll keep sinking. If they have simply settled into the seats since new, the clearance will remain stable.

Ahh cool...I'll do that and see what happens...thx for the quick response..

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