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Ok fellow Thumpers, I've started wrenching on my '07 WR450 and wanted to share some experience and ask for some help where something isn't clear.

I have a make my '07 WR have the same neat white / grey body work as the limited edition '07 YZ. So............I ordered up all the parts....front fender, radiator shrouds, rear fender, seat and graphics from my Yamaha parts supplier.......List price......hold on to your hats....$597.58. I hope you can get a discount.

I've taken the time to put together some pictures of the installation, which in fact takes a bit of tweaking, and also some illustration of installation of the Dual Sport America dual sport kit. Hopefully these pictures will be of assistance to anyone else performing these mods.

Now to my asking for help. I'm ready to start the Free Mods and have run into one snag.

1) Air Box Binoculars are removed

2) Grey wire unplugged and taped

3) 6 bolts removed from silencer cap

4) Diffuser and spark arrestor removed

5) Two rivets removed

Now.....I can't get the next piece out of the can and don't want to damage something trying. Can someone lend a guy a bit of help.....and then also, what is the mod once the next piece comes out.

Pictures of this process for clarification are located here:

Any help would be appreciated.


Racin' Randy

Hi Randy,

I like the way your bike is looking with the white plastics, very nice. Eventually I want to install white plastics on my bike too, I also have a 2007 wr450f. Now, getting to your exhaust question. You can reinstall the spark arrestor with the two thin metal gaskets, leaving the baffle completely off the exhaust. The bike won't be that loud without the baffle, the muffler itself is pretty choked-up anyway. The little piece inside of the baffle (the one with rivets) is really hard to remove, not worth the effort in my opinion. If you want a slightly better flowing baffle you can buy the aftermarket baffle they sell here at the TT store. I'd recommend you to re-jet the bike if you open up the exhaust, you already opened up the airbox and disconnected the grey wire, so the bike might run a bit too lean. I'd say you can get a NFPP needle from a 2006 yz450f(use the 3rd clip position), a 45 pilot jet, 168 main jet, and an adjustable fuel screw. That should open up the bike really good, you'll like the performance difference. Also, if you can, change the leak jet to a 40 and do the AP o-ring mod. I'm very happy with my bike in that configuration. PM me if you have any questions.

man thats a nice collection you got going on with that website! not sure on the muffler... i just took the end cap off and it made a big enough difference for me. what do you want for the old front fender off that bike? heres a photoshop of the bike your building...


Thanks so much for your out the rivets is only in case you want to do some more mangling inside of the muffler? On the Free Mods posts it seemed mandatory that you drilled them out for something.

I hadn't thought about selling any of the plastic off the bike........just boxed it up for prosperity and when I get ready to sell the bike. List price on the front fender is $51.89. I bought mine for $28.77. I'd rather not break up my set for that.

Thanks for the picture.

With the diffuser out of the pipe, the grey wire disconnected and the binoculars out, the bike will only run on the choke. I've ordered the AIS removal kit (which I've been told includes new jets) from Yamaha, but it is on back order until Nov 14th. Guess I can't ride until then.

Racin' Randy

Just called and ordered the JD jet kit and AIS removal kit from Thumper Talk......then cancelled my backordered AIS removal kit from the local Yamaha dealer.

Can't wait !!!!!

Just called and ordered the JD jet kit and AIS removal kit from Thumper Talk......then cancelled my backordered AIS removal kit from the local Yamaha dealer.

Can't wait !!!!!

You'll be fine with the JD kit, I went through the "backordered" drama with yamaha for 3 months, my kit never showed up. I finally just bought the jets and needle by themselves without the AIS plugs. I'm very happy with my jetting now, it even ended up being cheaper to buy the parts separately. Make sure to cut your throttle stop screw or buy the yz450 throttle stop screw. You don't have to wait for the JD kit to show up, just go to your local dealer and buy a 45 pilot and 168 main, it will run you about $10 and you'll be able to ride the same day.

You're going to need a new 48 pilot and 40 leak jet as well, and they don't come with the JD Kit. The pilot jet is usually available through your LBS and the leak jet can be ordered from TT OEM, Bike Bandit or Zanotti's.

As far as the muffler goes, can you remove the can from the mid-pipe as though your were repacking it? If so, then you can likely get to the internal pieces and hacksaw/dremel/sawzall them out. It won't be pretty in there when you're done, but you won't see it so who cares, right? I had very limited dealings with the newest generation, so I can't give you absolutes, but that's my best guess...SC

if you'd like a bigger tank the 3.1 gal one from ims uses yz shrouds ,so it would save you some fitting issues . although if you do get one you may want to buy a 06 wr petcock so the fuel line faces the right way.

YO can probably Dremmel those rivets off without going thru the outer skin in comparison to drilling.

I love the way it's looking - a real beautiful machine.

Did you order everything from Yamaha or did your plastics come from UFO/Polisport? as for graphics - you can get WAY better deals from companies lie Factory effects which tend to replicate OEM graphics on a regular basis for about 40-60 bucks a set, not one piece - just not sure if they make the special edition ones....

A little fix for your shrouds - just so they won't vibrate too much and scratch the tank up around the edges where they touch against it:

Get some flat stainless steel or similar (stainless or aluminum wire will work too -depending on how pro you want it to look) and cut/shape some clips that will fasten using your original fasteners but extend to loop into the hole on the white shrouds - if you make them go over the top of the plastic, it should provide enough down force to hold it snug against the tank.

I've decided to just remove the diffuser from the muffler for now and if further mods are needed, I'll probably buy an aftermarket can.

Hopefully the Jet Kit and AIS Removal kit will arrive next week along with the YZ grey / black seat cover.

Anyone know of a larger capacity tank in black that will fit the '07 WR450?

Preferably one that uses YZ shrouds?

Boy.............the list keeps getting longer.


Racin' Randy

larger tank - 2 posts up - uses YZ shrouds

Thanks Matt,

I've put in an inquiry to IMS about their tanks for the '07 WR450. Want to make sure that they do in fact use the same shrouds that I've already purchased.

I have a black ims 3.1 gal tank on my 2007 wr 450 I had to buy 2007 yz 450 shrouds but mine are blue not white . like I said before I'd also get a new petcock off of a old steel frame wr .I ordered mine for a 2006 and it fits and faces the fuel line the right way.I'd post a pic but I have no image hosting account . if you'd like to see some pics on my bike I can e-mail them to you are great. Can you tell me why you have to get a different petcock? The '07 petcock on my stock tank has the outlet facing forward. Does the IMS tank come with its' own petcock that faces the opposite direction? Would the petcock from the stock '07 tank work? If not, why does one from an earlier version work?

e-mail for pics:


That bike looks really nice!

But I would just throw on a WB E-2 exhaust and be done with it.

Once I get over the shock of spending $300 for the tank and having to reach my hand in near the engine to turn the fuel to off or reserve I may consider the muffler. I put a YZ pipe on my '01 WR426 and it was too loud for my taste, but it sure sounded and ran better than stock. Was hoping to just get by on the cheap and use the stock pipe on this one.

Does anyone know specifically which petcock to order from an 'older' WR to put the fuel outlet to the rear? On this version of '07 WR, the petcock bolts to the tank with two screws.


$5594 bike

$ 450 dual sport kit

$ 340 YZ body work and decals

$ 300 IMS tank


$6684 - Still less than MSRP

Still to come - DOT Tires.

the pet cock from older bikes face toward the back .the ims tank has the petcock down and forward from stock . some guys just put the thing on backward . I did not like it that way you could run a lot longer fuel line too. I used a 2006 wr 450 petcock it was 20 bucks at the dealer




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