jetting for wifes ttr125l?

I just bought a big gun exhaust for my wifes ttr and am wondering what jetting anyone has found works well on this bike with aftermarket exhaust?

change the main jet from the stock 105 to a 110. or a 115 if you have opened up the intake as well, theres not much else you can do, but the bigger main will give er more top.

Is it not necessary to do a pilot also? I called big gun and they said 115 main and 17.5 pilot. BBR says with thier pipe to use 110 main and no pilot change. I think I'm going to try the 110 as BBR suggested because they're the guru's of this motor. I have already opened the airbox and gone to a no toil filter to increase the air.

Actually, most people run a 112.5 main jet, and that's what we are running. I don't have a bigger pilot but I think I'm going to get one because I have the mixture screw quite a bit richer and still it's a bitch to keep it running for the first 30 seconds when it's dead cold even with the choke on. I opened up the airbox top but I'm still running the stock air filter. The BBR air filter is supposed to really uncork it.

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