Insulation wrapping my header.....

cool stuff man. what you charge to do mine!LOL!

just came form pep boys "automotive parts house in so cal" they stock the dei brand header wrap 1"x50' roll $32.00 also the silicone spray $10.00. do you spray the header pipe before or after you wrap it?? thanks

If you ship to me with all stuff needed ill wrap it for ya, and make it look good too. FREE or one of those chicks from the Bunny Ranch like you said.

hey Denn10, I might take you up on the header wrapping seminar.

I've still got the stock muffler on my bike, so I'm waiting until I decide on which header to get. Not sure if I want an E-Series or a Q. but whichever I decide to get will be when I wrap the headers, so it'll probably be another month or two.

So I guess I'll bring along my header and the wrap, I might even bring a twelver of Heini's, and you'll supply the Bunny Ranch goodies, right?

Thats MARTIN that has the hook up on the Bunny Ranch Hoes but i do like heiniken dark ever had that? Id hook anyone up with some wrapped exhaust if they needed it. now im gonna have to pull some strings to get a pic of how the exhaust wrap is that i used to do. I guarantee people will like it, i just dont do it cuz first little nick or fray and id be wanting to redo it and wrapping sucks when your doing it for like 2 hours straight. DAMN your hands can cramp up.

where in CA are ya? ive prolly asked but i dont remember shiat LOL only Sipes cus he lives a few miles from me.

I'm in Moreno Valley, so it isn't all that far from you.

I'm in the middle of a huge home renovation project right now, (kitchen, din rm, liv rm, fam rm basically the entire downstairs :worthy: )

My time's pretty soaked up in that, but I'm hoping to be done by first week of December.

right on ima bump my thread to get a ride together maybe well have to do a SoCal BRP ride, gotta be at least 10 of us here.

So Cal. ride, I will go!

The wrap comes in 2" wide black now as well as the original natural tan. I wrapped my XR400 a few years back and have had it completely underwater on it's side a few [embarassing] times in mud holes and creeks with no damage to the pipes. Just got my XR600 two weeks ago and plan to wrap it one of these nights.

It definetly does keep the oil in the frame cooler, your boot/leg cooler, looks cool, doesn't get brittle but will fray in the front if you ride about 200 miles of gravel road with a rock throwing knobby on the front.

I've let the XR400 idle for lengthy amounts of time without it even getting fully warmed up. This really makes the water cooled guys mad, especially the ones on the CRF450 that doesn't have a cooling fan.

All the heat goes into the muffler so your packing will deteriorate quicker, expecially if you're geared low and ride at high rpm's for hours at a time. I got around this by packing my ProCircuit T4 with stainless steel doughnut shaped scrub pads instead of fiberglass, pounding them in with a dowel to get them packed in nice and tight. Ironically, they also quieted it down a good 4 decibels as tested with an Official AMA Sound Tester at a dual sport ride this summer.

hey Denn10,

I might be changing my mind on wrapping my header, for a while at least.

I just picked up one of them thar Yoshimura stainless systems and it's just a might bit too damn purty to cover up with that insulation tape so soon.:worthy:

I still want the benefits of a cooler running engine, so I still plan on wrapping the header, it just seems like a shame to hide all that shiny SS, that's all.

I'll drop you a PM or something when I'm ready to get to it, and we'll figure out a time. I'm in the process of getting ready for a weekend desert trip right now, so I gots ta git busy. I know it's only Monday, but if I don't start the planning and packing now, I'll be rushing around come Friday morning.


id keep that stainless un wrapped to show it off too. Where you going? Womens rock crawl out off camp rock road, Lots of (.) (.) to look at LOL

I'll be up at Fremont peak this weekend. It's off the 395 just past Kramer Junction (395/58).

Have fun at the rock crawl event, nothin better'n bouncing 4x4's and ....jiggly things. :worthy:

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