(650R) Pig roasts Hog

I've always wondered about the 1/4 mile times aswell, anyone know? Here's a vid of some dude running the 1/8 mile on an 650R. Looks like a best of 8.7 seconds at 80 mph. I bet he wasn't popular that day. Can't tell if it's still got the knobby tire or not. :worthy:


Just a couple comments...

I think that most motorcycle riders are nice people. I never had a Harley. I would rather buy a nice vehicle for that price. I guess its unaffordable by me. I have owned numerous street bikes and love the 650r more than all of my other bikes.

The Harley rider I spoke about earlier was a complete ass. I had to open the can of whoop ass to put him in his place. The passenger on my bike and lack of on his bike made it that much sweeter.

I did race a SV650 the other day. I was even with it until about 50 mph where it started pulling on me.

I think I have found one thing in common between Harleys and dirt bikes. If you don't regluarly check your bolts or use lock tite on certain bolts, stuff tends to fall off.

My Buddy Has A Dyna Wide And We Ride Together Once In A While, My Xrr Leaves Him In The Dust.... But That Is Apples To Oranges..... I Like Just About Anything With A Motor And 2 Wheels..... What I Don't Like Is Those Fair Weather Riding Harley Jags That Think They Are Too Cool To Wave At Another Biker, What Ever Kind Of Machine They Ride.... There Is A Joke Aimed Right At Them.... What Do Vacuum Cleaners And Harleys Have In Common??????????? Placement Of The Dirtbag!

I Like That Each Bike Sounds Different, I Guess If You Like It Loud.... You Have Extra Money In The Bank To Pay Tickets..... Ride On

I think the wave thing is getting out of hand.Every time time you ride bye another rider you have to take your hand off the bars? or you are rude? If I waved to everyone that waved at me I would have a sore arm at the end of my ride. Plus it can be dangerous. I just give a nod or I give a peace sign with my clutch hand while still holding on. If a guy dos't wave at you it dosn't always mean he is a rude dude. More than likely he is tired of raising his arm every 2 seconds!

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