'05 WR 450 - AMR Racing Graphics

If you are looking for new graphics for your bike, then I'd like to strongly recommend AMR Racing out of Las Vegas. Over the past week, I've had the rare pleasure dealing with them during my latest purchase to spruce up my bike along with some new plastics. I initially found them on EBay, selling their product at a very reasonable price, right in line with the other graphics available from more well-known vendors. I've always been a fan of the nose art on WWII aircraft, depicting pin-up girls and cartoon characters. When I saw AMR's new T-Bomb with a scantilly clad sailor chick astride a bomb, I had to have them. I hit the "Buy It Now", and away went my money.

The graphics arrived in a couple of days and they were beautiful. The printing was top notch, and the vinyl they use is thick and appears very durable. There was just one problem...they were for '03-'04 plastics, not the '05 which uses the same as the '03-'05 YZ shrouds. As I discovered the problem over the weekend, I called them first thing Monday to discuss the mix up. I spoke with Stan who asked if I could mock up the graphics with some scotch tape on the plastics and shoot a couple of pics so they could see what was going on. I thought I'd also let them know about the differences between the various years and generations in regard to the plastics. Stan was extremely helpful and thanked me for my help. He said he could probably get me some YZ graphics out in a week or so which I had no problem with. The next day, yesterday, FedEx sends me a notification that I had a package being delivered from AMR scheduled for delivery today. The package arrived and it was the new set of YZ graphics. Now that's customer service! Same great style, same great quality.

About 30 minutes after FedEx dropped the new set off, I get a call from AMR, this time from Wade, the owner. He had been monitoring the packages progress and wanted to make sure that everything was cool with the new set and that I was completely satisfied. Needless to say, I was totally happy with the arrangement and told him I'd be sending the first set back ASAP. Wade then told me not to worry about it, I could just keep 'em. So basically, what he was offering me was a set of graphics I could re-sell on EBay or the TT classifieds that would literally make my transaction free. Unfortunately, I'm not that opportunistic and I will be sending back the first set, but I would be remiss in my duties if I didn't tell you guys about my experience.

I haven't had time to mount the new graphics yet, but plan on doing that tomorrow...my wife made me go clothes shopping, so I couldn't get it done today. I'll post some pics this weekend and let y'all know how they look. I'll be including a full review in the new section once I have the bike done. So a big thumbs up to AMR, I highly recommend them :crazy:...SC

T-Bomb Graphics.bmp

Cool! WWII bomber pin-up girl! Let us know how good the adhesive is, and how they stand up to wear. My bike is an '04 but looks like i've riden it for 20 years. LOL

Just mounted the shroud graphics and they went on very easy. The cut matched very well with little to no adjustment. I just followed their recommendations and it all went to plan. I'll do the tank, etc. and post the finished product...SC

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