YZ 450 for a tall guy

I ride a WR450F 04 at the moment and i was thinking of bying a YZ450F because i want to race motocross. I'm 6.6 and the WR is tall and very comfortable for my size. Will the YZ be the same? I don't want to do any adjustments on the bike, except risers on the handlebar.

I'm 6'4" and comfy on my '06 YZ450. I just have the Pastrana FMX bend on my bike.

i think you should be fine. I sat on an 03' wr and it didnt seem any taller than my yz at all. Just get a bar with a high bend.

Thanks for help guys

I go 6'3 240. The only thing i've done to my 07 yz450 is have the suspension done and changed my tripple clamps to 22mm. My bike handles like nothing else. I do 100 foot jumps and landing is like plush.

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