Rotor Bolts Coming Out.....


i have placed a few threads on thumpertalk regarding my problem due to 3 of the 6 rotor bolts working themselves loose and tearing up my rotor, stator and crank case cover. i was told by a member to get in contact with yamaha and tell them about my delema. i live in australia and i went and saw my local yamaha dealer to ask them about the problem and whether they could help me. i basically got the message from the mechanic that it was not his fault and that they couldnt do anything. the problems arises that the bike had been 2 months out of a rebuild and the bolts decide to come out. it has put me 500 dollars in debt and no leads on how to prevent this happening again. do you think i have the right to contact yamaha australia and discuss with them what has happened or to just move on. if so can some one give me some contact details for yamaha australia or yamaha worldwide.


Jack Hillis:foul:

Contact these guys - I just did 2 days ago and heard back within hours from them.

Give a detailed report of your incident and see what they can do, ask about customer service contact in Australia.

I had the rotor bolts back out on my 03wr250 and it tore up my stator and flywheel. I replaced everything at my expense and labor. I wasn't even over being mad when a month later bammm!!!!! A small piece of copper wire had broken off earlier and never came out when I flushed the oil. It seized my crank at full throttle on a hill climb... broke the cases, snapped the rod, piston and cracked the cylinder. My magnetic drain plug didn't help me on that one. Thanks yamaha!

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