450F engine noise.

I had a 06 YZ250F and now bought a 07 450F.

The engine sounds a little different. more thump and maybe even a little more of a chain sound when letting off the gas. I could just be over analyzing aswell. The noise is something I really have to listen to hear.

Is this normal? The thing is crazy compared to the 250 and doesnt seem to lack any power.

Any experience with this? Someone who has gone from one to the other would be a great asset for advice.


The 450 is just plain noisy, especially if you have a skid plate.

Well There is Works connection skid plate on it?

The skid plate makes the noise seem much louder. When I first got my bike, I though it was going to katoom right there in the lot because of the top-end noise. If you read on here more, you will see that almost everyone with an 06/07 has the problem. It is normal but to this day I still get a little "iffy" when hearing out at the track.

I bought it used and of course had my doubts.

Can you give me some threads to read?

just do an advanced search on type in engine noise. in the yz400/426/450 fourm. you will get tons..


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