'05 WR450 Stator compatability

My Stator on my '05 wr is completely toast thanks to the screws coming lose from the stator cover and I can't quickly get one from any known dealer because it's on BACKORDER. :crazy:

The '04 is available but is somehow different than the '05. Does anybody know if the '04(5tj-81410-02-00) will work in place of an '05(5tj-81410-30-00)? Or better yet, can anybody spare a good used one on the cheap? Does anybody know of a good aftermarket source?

After many a phone call, I found one and it should be here next week.

This entire problem is due to somebody doing the Baja Designs stator mod incorrectly. The torx screws holding the stator should probably be longer and installed with locktite.

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