YZ450F shock spring removal

I have an '04 YZ450F that needs a stiffer spring. Any recommendations on the easiest way to take that shock off? Also any recommendations on how stiff a spring would get me in the ball park for a 230 lb. rider. That stock spring aint cuttin' it. :worthy: Thanks.

Unbolt the subframe, take off the slip on silencer, remove the shock lower and upper bolts, move the subframe to the left (towards the shifter), grab the shock resevoir and twist it out the side. This way you don't have to pull off the subframe and the airbox boot to the carb. This gets the shock out of the side pretty easy.

Go to the Race Tech spring calculator. It's been really good at determining the correct spring for weight regardless of where you buy your spring.

Awesome! Thanks man!

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