TPS unplugged ?????

I'm confused.You say the bike runs fantastic but you will be changing things this winter to make it run better. I thought fantastic means no further change would be needed.

Yes, you are easily confused. :worthy:

PERFECT means no further change would be needed. Fantastic is not perfect. Their is always room for improvement, no matter the task or concept at hand. I am very happy with my bike, but I still like to tinker and improve. Thats what fuels these after market parts. What is great about the JD kit, the Boyesen, and Zipty...each one contributes to incrementally better it fantastic plus.

Near perfection (still not perfect) would be fuel least thats my untested perception.

Hey, you still did not answer my questions from previous response.:worthy:

I replace the over engineered hard to get to stock carb. with one that is very easy to tune and a simple design. I adjust the carb. in seconds.

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