YZ450F hubs on a 1999 YZ400F

I've read several threads stating that the the hubs from a YZ450F should fit a 1999 YZ400F. So, I got a great deal on some SuperMoto rims, laced to YZ450F hubs - but they don't fit my YZ400F. (note: I did buy the 400 used, and to the best of my knowledge, it is a 1999 - but, I don't know that for a fact).

Here are my issues, if anyone has some experience or suggestions - please help...

1) The 450 Front hub is about 3/4 inch wider than the 400 hub. Do I just need smaller spacers and the front is good to go? (and where's the best place to buy spacers?)

2) The 450 Rear hub is about 1/4 inch narrower than the 400 hub. Do I just need wider spacers?

3) (and this is the biggest issue)... the Rear Axle diameter on the 450 hub is bigger than the 400! Can I purchase a 450 axle (and "Chain Puller") and get this rear hub to fit? (or, would I be better off getting the proper 400 hub, re-lacing, and selling the 450 hub?)...

Although - after reading another post, found this diagram: http://oem.thumpertalk.com/2006YZ450Frearwheel.aspx

(which looks very similar to the diagram for the 400F - not sure if I'm missing a piece?... actually, the part #'s for the spacer bearing are the same for the 450 and the 400 - so I'm not sure why there's a diff diameter?)

(let me know your thoughts/experiences)



Sorry for stating the wrong info - but what is really the case is that for item 2) above - the Rear Hub is actually the exact same width - but the "Collar Assembly" (item 20 in the diagram) that came with the 450 hub are 1/4 less than what is with the 400 hub. And, since the axle diameters between the 2 hubs appear to be different - I can't use the 400 "Collar Assemblies" on the 450 hubs.

As for the front hubs - they really are different widths - but, since there's only 1 disc on the left side, and nothing on the right... I was hoping that all I had to do was use spacers to get the disc to align with the caliper, and the front is good to go.

But - I'm new to all this, and learning as I go - and not sure what I can get away with - and spend as less cash as possible.

The front hub changed in '01. But you should be able to get it to work, maybe with custom spacers.

The rear hub is the same part number on both bikes, meaning that if you buy a YZ400 bearing spacer and a bearing/seal set, your axle size problem will be solved.

Thanks - that makes sense.

Can anyone recommend a good place to get custom spacers?

If you can figure out exactly what you need, you can have any machine shop make them up for you. Know a kid in high school metal shop? They're very simple things.

The left one centers the wheel and positions the brake. If you get the brake to work, but find the wheel off center in the fork, move the rim over on the hub with the spokes.

The right spacer positions the axle. The left spacer sits against the fork, the bearings against that, and then the axle sits against the right spacer on top of it all. Whether the axle is into the lugs far enough or not depends on the right spacer.

Thanks a lot. There's a friend of a friend I can ask about the spacers, and I'll order the rear bearing parts I need - and then follow up with how it all turned out.

Thanks Again,


from what I heard about this is that you can use any wheels from 99-05 (maybe even later) 250f and up. Anyhow, you must use the spacers from that year/make/model. I got my supermoto wheels from an 05 yz450 and it mounted right up to my 426. I hope this may help. You may be able to order OEM spacers easier than having stuff machined. Good luck!

I'm pretty sure that if you use the spacers for the year of of the front wheel then it will fit.

Thanks for all the replies - and everyone's suspicions were correct... the wheels from '99 and on should be compatible. But - something still didn't make sense. I went to order the inner hub parts from Pivot Works, and started thinking I should cross-reference the parts through out the years to double checked. Just like everyone stated - from '99 on, it should be compatible.

At this point, the only thing that made sense was that my bike was not actually a 1999.

So - thanks to another link on ThumperTalk, I was able to decrypt my VIN. The 10th character is a W, which implies this is a 1998 bike! Crap! The guy that sold me the bike listed it on CraigsList as a 1999 - but it's actually a 1998. So - just a note to anyone else looking to buy a dirt bike with no title... cross reference that VIN to double-check the year!

So - it sucks that I was lied to when I bought the bike 4 weeks ago... but, it's still a great bike, and it's still a great deal I got on the bike... but - now I need to figure out how to get those hubs on a 1998 (at least I now know what I'm dealing with!) And - I got a couple machine shops lined up - so we'll take care of the spacers.

But - the rear axle diameter changed from 1998... I'm hoping all I need is an Axle from 1999 (or on) (and the "chain puller" pieces) - and while I'm getting custom spacers for the front - I'll get them for the rear, too.

At least I have 5 months until the next SuperMoto practice!

Actually, with the larger axle diameter of the 1999 and newer - I'd have to cut the swingarm on the 1998. So, I decided my best alternative is to sell the 1998 and get a 1999 or newer. Since I got a good deal on the 1998 - I should be able to break even (or spend an extra 1 to 200) on getting a newer bike.

Christmas was hectic, but now that it's over - got a chance to do some more work on the bike.

I sold the 1998 (made $100 extra), and bought a 2001 426. The rear fits just fine. The front will need different spacers - and as KJ790 suggested, I'll try using the spacers from '06 (since that's the year of the hubs).

Thanks to everyone!

Christmas was hectic, but now that it's over - got a chance to do some more work on the bike.

I sold the 1998 (made $100 extra), and bought a 2001 426. The rear fits just fine. The front will need different spacers - and as KJ790 suggested, I'll try using the spacers from '06 (since that's the year of the hubs).

Thanks to everyone!

cough cough....i suggested....haha!

congrats on the new bike!

woops - sorry hotnanas. Well, your suggestion paid off! I FINALLY got the spacers from a local dealer (after waiting 3 weeks for delivery! - but it only cost $17.00) And - the '06 spacers made the '06 hubs fit my '01 bike. Thanks to everyone so much for your help! Just glad to finally get a well working setup! (even with an oversized rotor kit from Motostrano :cool:

Of course - the saga continues... the way the wheel is strung, it's offset to the right side. I've got 11/16-inch gap on the left (between fork and tire), and 3/16-inch gap on the right. If I remove the "fork guard" on the right side, I barely have enough clearance. But, I'll just drop the wheel off at the dealership and have them re-string it over 1/4 inch.

Thanks again everyone, and happy new year!

Update - tonight, since it was so hot (42 degrees in Pittsburgh) decided to try something else... I replaced the '06 spacer on the right with one from the '01 (that was 1/4 inch bigger), and wallah - every thing fits perfect! So, it turns out, I only had to buy one of the '06 spacers. Anyway, everything fits perfect, no need for re-doing the spokes, nor any machine work. Thanks again everyone. (it's great to finally have a dirt and supermoto bike) - now, I just need to change the fork seals, and then sit back and relax until spring comes!

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