Should I?

I have a 2000 426 with 450 ex cam mod. My question is should I spend $600 or more on a top end refresh and having the suspention rebuilt?

I want to get a second bike and eventually something for my wife. The second bike would be a yz125 or something similar for me to play on and my dad to ride when he visits.

I am just having a very hard time figuring out weather I should sink the money in the 426. Would it be more lucritive to trade the 426 for a 125 and just buy a new 250 or keep the 426?

I am pondering the same thing with my 400.... I still am at a toss up for the answer.... blah

i have the same problem.....

I need my top-end completely replaced (the head assembly worn at the cab seats)

the part by its self brand new is at least $600 plus the labor.

It my only bike So i guess i am just waiting till I got the money to fix it....

Does anybody have a YZ400 motor that they are selling for parts????

Patrick M.

My Vote would be to spend the $600 and ride the 426 for many years to come. The 426 is just too rock solid & a fun bike to give up in mybook...


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