WR to YZ timing woes

I got anxious and YZ timed my 02 WR 426 on a rainy day, the problem I have is that my oh so competent dealers have to order all the jets and needle I need. What is the best thing I can do besides re time to WR while I wait on my new jets? Please don't say to walk....

Have you torn the bike down and greased everything, the factory hasn't :) You might also want to consider using Sudco for your carb parts. You can ask them to ship Priority Express US Mail and the shipment will get to you in a couple of days for less than a dealer.

Good Luck and enjoy.


Your bike should run fine with yz timed and stock WR jetting so why wait? Mine works fine!

Ditto on the YZ timing and stock jetting. Mine was a little too rich until I changed it but it ran ok otherwise. Try it and see how it does. Won't hurt anything. I had changed my pipe first. I think my jetting was too rich before chaning the timing. Good luck, Paul

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