Problems with tail light....

I just hooked up a ufo tail/brake light that I bought, and It doesn't work. I know the tail light isnt the problem because I used a battey to test it and it lit up. I'm thinking something might be wacky w/ my wiring. The bike is a wr426, so it doesnt have a battery... I just have two wires going to the tail, black and blue. If I am not mistaken, the blue is the rectified power, and the black is the ground.... but when I hook up the taillight, no worky??? I just dont know where to start trouble shooting. I am think of installing a small lead acid battery under the seat and charging it with my stator, but I'm not 100% confident in how to do it. Does anyone have experience with this??

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :worthy:

I thought yellow was regulated (not rectified, WRs don't have a rectifier stock) and blue is the wire to the brake filament in the stock tail light. That's how it was on my 01 anyway...

Hhhmmm... I dont even have a yellow going to the tail. Just a black and blue. Interesting...

The wiring schematic for my 03 WR450 shows that the blue wire in the main harness going to the tail light is fused 12V for the tail light and the black wire is common or ground. The same color scheme is used on the 426. The brake light wire coming from the stock WR450 tail light assembly is yellow, the tail light wire is blue, and the ground wire is black. I added a brake switch to my WR450 and connected it to the yellow wire in the tail light assembly and everything works fine. Hope that helps.

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