crankcase oil line??????

I had my xr600 frame painted and I spent a whole day trying to install the oil line from the crankcase to the bottom frame oil plug with no sucess! The line to the upper oil plug is easy but the lower is a pain.

Any suggestions? If not am going to take the frame with the motor to the Honda dealer torromow.


retry it with a fresh mind first thing in the morn. probably will go together no problem.

the most valueable lesson my dad taught me about wrenching (to avoid MURPHY) was to let it set for awhile and come back later with a fresh mind. EVERY time i do this, the problem is solved.:worthy:

Persistance will overcome.

thanks, Ive try that. Letting it rest and retry. But I just cant seem to get it attached. I gave up and am taking it to the local Honda dealer in the morning. :worthy:

I rather do it myself, though!

Is the line unattached from the engine? If it's not, then remove it. Start the line on the frame first but only finger tight. Then attach it to the engine. Now tighten everything up. You will have to get a new o-ring for the engine end though. Bruce

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