Length of bolt to cam chain tensioner?

I have just completed top end job and everthing went together fine except the bolt that threads into the cam chain tensioner. It threads into the tensioner fine for about 3/4's of the way in after that it turns really hard and I am concerned that I may damage something if I turn it in any further. I double checked that the tensioner rod was released by turning the tensioner rod counter-clockwise. I was wondering if I was using the correct length of screw or maybe used the correct screw somewhere else? The length of screw I am using is .520". Does anyone know the correct length for the cam chain tensioner bolt? Thanks for any help!

That length sounds right. Run the bolt in the hole without the tensioner in place. Does the other hole feel the same?

Bolt length sounds correct to me.

Check 1) Check the thread of the bolt carefully...is it being deformed ?

Check 2)Stick the end of a screwdriver in the hole and measure the 'depth' till the adjuster. See if this is shorter than your bolt thread length. If so...there is your problem, use a shorter screw.

Good luck, and dont force it, it strips easily so I am told.

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