Swimming XR500

We have done an enduro trip and my XR managed to fall into a river, since then we drained the water out and fitted new rings, she starts on the first kick now but immediately starts smoking a lot, the sleeve has been honed as well prior fitting the new rings, why is it smoking now? can it be the head?

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated..:worthy:

check the ring end gap you might have too small of rings for the bore . I did this once....I re-ringed a 600 with a worn cylinder. With the "proper"piston sized rings. It smoked like a mother-in-law. So I went to the next size ring set and filed the ends to get the proper end gap. (cheap fix ,I didn't want to bore it) worked great!!!


Found the problem, firstly i bought genuine parts rings from Honda and fitted them, it smoked....after re opening it i compared the new oil ring inner ( copper looking wavey thing ) to the old one and the new one looked different.

So what i did is to only replace that oil ring inner with the old and voilla no more smoke.

I cannot believe it worked but this goes to show that the new one that looks different in shape did not stop the oil then :worthy:

Problem fixed.

ya the inner "spring" is what really makes them work..unless the bore is simply too big. I wonder if someone cut the spring down to make it fit ,then returned them to the dealer?? Or am I just PARANOID???


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