Burned oil smell but no oil?

Sitting on my bike I smell burned oil like its dripping on the headpipe but I can't see a leak anywhere. I'm not stupid. If there was oil actually coming out I'd see it. What about the decompression plug? Would that being bad have something to do with it? I know there is a billit replacement for it and I've heard of YFZ's blowing the stock one's out. I read about this going out in one of the wr sticky threads but it says that there would be oil coming out if that was what it was. So what is it? I didn't smell it till I changed the oil. I used 20-50 Yamalube. I've been using 20-40.

Nevermind! I guess I just put too much oil in it because I just pulled the gastank after getting it HOT and no oil or smell. It just went away.

fhew, that was a close one.

I guess I just got too much oil in it and it dumped what it didn't need. It was weird. I smelled it all week and today. I came home and started reading some oil-leak post on here and where the oil was leaking and went to check the places. I got it hot, let it run on a stand, rode it again, set it on the stand, pulled the tank and NO OIL!, and no smell. It was also seeping oil around the oilfilter and that has stopped. I attempted XC racing last weekend and changed the oil for that....maybe someone was just trying to make it hard on me?

How hot is it there? 20-50 is pretty thick. I think that the head was recast by then 05 so you should not have that plug. Not positive though

between 55 and 65.

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