Exhaust Baffle insert keeps falling out!

I bought one of the GYTR baffle inserts for the stock exhaust on my '01 WR426, and the friggin bolt keeps falling out. Now the aluminum threads are stripped.

Has anyone else experienced this with their ProMotoBillet or GYTR inserts?

Do you think threadlock or anti-seize would help? The GYTR baffle bounces around like a mother depending on RPM; I can't believe it if nobody else has this problem...

Are there any new inserts on the market?

Similar problem with the PMB insert, but a much easier fix. The PMB insert uses a single screw that holds from the back not the side. I drilled thru the end cap and quiet insert and safety wired the darn thing. Haven't had a problem since. Try Heli-Coiling the threads in the insert, and put the bolt in with lock tite, or drill the head and safety wire it...

I have the Pro-moto insert and did locktite it in when I installed it with Blue locktite. Haven't had any issues.

I did strip out the threads on the original pea shooter that was in the exhaust from putting it in, taking it out, etc.

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