Ok! peps I'm alittle new at this so please help. When i give my bike gas it will die,but if i let Idle it will run only at a Idle though. What is wrong with it?If anyone knows please let me know. I think it is the main jet not sure though.I'm open for ideas

How about starting by reading the YZ jetting thread?

Timo McKeown

What bike, what year, what is the situation behind this? Has the bike been sitting for a while? Did it run properly when you bought it? Where are you in OK? I am in Tulsa and may be willing to help out if you are close. We need more information that it won't run if I gas it.


If you're yanking the throttle open as hard as you can from idle and expecting it to do anything else, you're just dreaming.

If, on the other hand, it won't take any throttle off idle, then your guess of a blocked main jet is probably right. It's idling on the pilot circuit but can't transition to the main circuit. It could be something as simple as water in the float bowl.

How about starting by reading the YZ jetting thread?

Timo McKeown

How about the CARB CLEANING thread.

How about cutting the guy some slack.

Ok! I have recieved alot of info. I haven't figured out my way around the forums yet.This is all new to me.I will read the suggestions.

Oh! I forgot thank you guys for the info.

No problem, don't worry about the search nazi's around here. Let us know if you have any other questions, afterall, that is why this forum is here. If we can help we will.


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