wr450 for road use????

I was not looking for a replacment for my dirt bike ,when I did this 07 wr450ds . I was looking for a bike that I could go out and ride anytime with no loading or hauling and not be riding a lazy fat brick . not to say all factory dual sports are slugs just that every one I ever had was an bad in the dirt and on the road . I don't take my wr 450 on a all out dirt trip . my cr500 is for that task . And I don't take my wr on the highways ether . but it is a blast to buzz down the back roads to the state game lands for a quick 50 -60 mile outing daily. all riding and no hauling is a great thing .

no one has mentioned the biggest limiting factor for road use.

After an hour or two at constant speed sitting on the edge of a breadboard that yamaha calls a saddle you will be squirming and wanting to have a break.

A tall/soft seat makes a HUGE difference. But, I'm 6'5" and even I find that thing to be tall! :thumbsup:

I'm actually looking for a WR450 for dual sporting. My work is all of 1.5miles from my house. I want the WR to commute instead of driving my truck. I want the bike to be 95% off road, with the option of going trail head to trail head, and short commutes around my small town.

Is it hard to motard a bike? Or do you just buy the wheels and tires?

i was thinking about buying a 06 wr450 for mainly road use and was just wondering if it will be able to cope? or will i be forever fixing things what sort of problems could i be faced with? thanks

i sold my 07 r1 and got a 01 wr426 supermoto last year and i drive that bike every day its a 30 mile round trip to work and most of it is highway and on the weekend on stick on tne off road wheels and head to the woods, i drive the shite out of it i and no probs i change the oil every month,i live in ireland and roads are very bad it never misses a beat these are great bikes :ride::cheers:

I dont get people facination with wanting to use this bike as a road bike. Its a designed as a dirtbike, This bike is closer to a yz than it is a gold wing.

You can ride trials with a R-1 too. But it doesn't mean that its going to be any good or any fun doing it

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