650L Cheap Supermoto setup

Hi folks

I use my 00 XR 650L primarily off road but would like to have a super moto setup for those months when it's really hot out and the woods get shut down due to the fire hazard. I want a setup that I can switch back and forth fairly easily (say a couple hours work). Suggestions?

New Brunswick! I'm from Fredericton! Too funny...

Anyway, go to 4strokes.com and search a user by the name of Crawl. PM him, he's got a set of CBR F2 wheels he machined to fit an XRL that he's selling. They're sweet and will be less money than any other option.

Be sure to tell him I sent you please.

I have a great Supermoto set up that I'm about to sell. New tires Michelin tires, High end Wheels and Hubs, Chain, Larger rotor, and caliper relocating bracket. I'm on the road on business, but I can send you photo's tomorrow nite. $750 Plus shipping complete

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