rear fender seal/gasket?

I've got a newbie question that I can't find an answer to using the search function. Are the stock "seals" necessary on the rear fender. The aftermarket fender I bought doesn't have these like the stock one does. What is the purpose of the two seals?

probably to keep mud/dirt off rear susp.

probably to keep mud/dirt off rear susp.

It might also to keep mud/dirt from getting into the airbox intake. My Corbin seat leaves a little gap that I'm seriously thinking about making some sort "seal" for. The stock seat has a little flap that covers the gap, evidently the Corbin engineers neglected to take the gap into consideration. :worthy:

If you are talking about the one under the seat, I think it just tries to minimize dust getting into the air box. I bought a UFO fender that didn't have one. The UFO fender has two cut-outs that are not on the stock fender. I just duct taped both sides of those cut-outs to minimize dust in the air box. Then, I carefully removed or cipped the staples from the rubber seal on the stock fender. Next, I used a large stapler with short staples to put the seal on the UFO fender.

Those two cut-outs in the fender are stupid. It makes your bike breath off of the back tire which is really bad.

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