clutch basket rebuild

i need help.. does anyone know if theres someone that rebuilds clutch baskets? need mine done since no one in the aftermarket world makes a new clutch basket for the XR 600 and i don't want to pay $350 for an OEM one

it's only rebuildable if you got a barnett with the steel inserts........baskets are consumable like brakes........350?........hinson's are not that expensive

i know hinson's are not that expensive, but they don't make one for the

XR 600

A few months ago I ebayed one for 25 bucks. Not perfect, but it's working.

Wait for one to come up on eBay. I bought an entire transmission for my XRL on there for $50. I haven't seen a basket on there for a while though. has them for $236. If your bike is in good shape and you plan on keeping it for a while, I would go this route. Most aftermarket baskets are around $200 so this isn't too out of line.


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