CRD Products?? They alive

I was looking to quiet down my '06 WR450 and came across these guys:

CRD North America

Annitori Distributing

They have a couple of exhaust slip-ons that look like they would quiet down my WR450.

Anyone have experience?


CRD makes really high-quality products. The also have some very nice bash-plates and rad guards. The Absolute performance II exhaust is very low noise, and very high power. One of the best low-noise enduro exhaust you can get I think.

HMF! They are cheap and about the best pipe you can get for the quads. The YFZ motor is almost identical to the WR and YZ. They are normally mind numblingly loud but they have a quiet core. The Tucker Rocky page on here doesn't show them for 05+ but the HMF website does. $239 is full price.

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