Radiator Guards

I ride a 07 WR450. Who makes the most robust radiator guards? I am looking at the Unabiker vs the Works Connection. Any input or other suggestions. Right now based on the photos it looks like the Unabikers look a bit stronger.

Oh come on. Don't flame the new guys! :worthy: That being said he's right, the search function can be your best friend :worthy:

You can't go wrong with Unabiker. They are worth every penny IMO. :worthy:

HAHA i just posted this like last week.... thats funny. But ya, the consensus was that the unibiker are the best/ most sturdy. I just ended up fabricating some custom protectors... te look like ass, but they are sturdy!

I just last month purchased (and installed) Flatlands on my 05-WR450 and 06-WR250. My 01-WR250 has Devols. They are VERY similar. I think I like the Flatlands better because of the way the rear brace is mounted to the guard. They are welded on the Flatlands and bolted on the Devols. Either brand seem good. I did a extensive search, and do not recall detecting any consensus. The Flatlands seemed to have more space between the guard and the actual radiator, as compared to the Unibikers. That seemed important to me and that is what I based my decision on.

If $$ is not an issue, I would check out Bullet Proof Designs, they make their radiator guards out of billet alum. Very nice, very expensive.

Yamaha make a GYTR radiator guard. Bought me some and they work well. they have saved me the cost of a new radiator, pitty Yamaha dont make collar bone guards.



:worthy: :worthy: :worthy:

Unabilker...and the last thread unabiker had the majority of votes.

unabikers nice, install a pain

Well I got some Unabikers, I am not happy with the fit. I think they could be better in that regard. I looked at the WC at the shop and they seem to have put a lot more thought into the design and fit. Furthermore, the unabikers don't seem to fit wit the AIS pump still in place. I was not even able to run the lower rear most support post on the right hand radiator. All in all I am not happy with them. Instead of sending them back I took a dremel to them to try and get them to fit better and they just don't to my satisfaction, this was a gamble and I lost. I should have just taken them off and sent them back. I really hate poor fitting after market parts, take your time and make the product fit the application. Its not like it is a universal product, it is year make and model specific. Based on the response of the boards, its probably just me who is unhappy, but I am.

Sorry your having issues. I have the blue Unabikers on my O7 450.

First piece of humble advice...ditch the AIS smog removal like 99% of us have.

Second, the directions suck, as their are no step by step pictures. I had some 'redos' that made me cuss when I installed more than once.

In the end though, they fit great, and I could not be happier.

IMHO, either unabiker sent you a defective or incorrect set, or perhaps you made an install mistake. Get rid of the AIS either way.

Cuss, cuss!!!

...its probably just me who is unhappy, but I am.

You're right...it's just you.:lol::busted:

OK...more seriously...like the other dude said...if you live where you won't have inspector-nazi's poking around your ride...ditch the A.I.S. ASAP!

Removing it will not really improve engine performance but, it will clean up the front of your engine, drop a teansy bit of weight, and make the Unabiker rad guard installation much easier.

Once installed, the sucker is tough as nails and rock solid...and the bitch'n wavy design of the grill will attract the girls!:ride:

OK...so maybe it won't help you score with the babes:cry: but it is bitch'n.:thumbsup:


Yeah I live in socal and the rangers can get fussy. I put on the GYTR AIS kit and did everything sans the AIS removal. I just don't want to be sent home one day by an informed ranger.

I will keep playing with the guards. I machined down a post and it seems like it will fit in front of the AIS tube now.


I have wadded it up going at a fast pace and these guards are solid. Any guard that offers a 'multi- brace', that supports from the radiator to the tank should work well. You can use them with a stock tank or 3.3 gallon tank depending on the year, but will have to take off if you switch to a 6.6 gallon tank.

... pitty Yamaha dont make collar bone guards.

they do... is called a Rhino! You'll never break your collar bone in one of those.

I have Unibikers on my 07 WR too.

I didn't think they were that hard to install, I told my 14 yr old to do it.

My only complaint would be they seem like the weigh more than they need to.

XRMarty- Do you think the vents in your air box are worth the extra dirt?

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