Radiator Guards

GYTR. The best finish and protection you can buy for that amount of money!

I also got the GYTR bashplate, I'm really satisfied with the result :thumbsup:

Here is my Unabikers. I like that you can get different colors.:


I got hold of some GYTR guards cheap so that's what I've fitted.

I'm not saying I think they are the best, but they seem pretty sturdy to me.

Shame they don't offer frontal impact protection (ie. from sticks and rocks and stuff flying at them). At least they allow you to use the original plastic protectors if you're looking to retain the "stock" look.

Mind you; the left side plastic protector on my bike needs some filing with a round file to get it to sit perfectly in place.

Anyway, for reference here's a few shots of them fitted to the bike:



As you can see from the shot below; I've done a little filing to get the white plastic radiator guard to sit down in it's original alignment, I still need to file a bit more ..... when I get around to it!


Strangely the left side sat perfectly!



I love my Unabikers... pain in the *** to install, but absolutely bulletproof! :thumbsup:

I love my Unabikers... pain in the *** to install, but absolutely bulletproof!

There's the difference, these were dead easy to fit. A little minor filing, that's all.

One thing that worries me with a lot of other brands of guards is the risk of air flow restriction/overheating.

They say that airflow isn't restricted, but hey, anyone can see that it is indeed restricted on a lot of them.

ie. 40% or more of the surface area is covered in.

Horses for courses I guess.

You buy what suits you best!

I reckon if someone had offered me a pair of new Unabikers guards for almost half price I would have bought them instead.

As it happened these GYTR ones came up and I grabbed them.



i have works conn. on my 08 wr450 fit is perfect stosk plastics fit perfect. many hillclimb crashes with these, they work awesome.

Unibikers are crap. Folded like tinfoil day one. I now have enduro engineering and they are fantastic. No airflow restriction.

Unibikers are crap.

Whoa ... careful !!!

Brace yourself for the barrage !! HA !! :thumbsup:


Unibikers are crap. Folded like tinfoil day one. I now have enduro engineering and they are fantastic. No airflow restriction.

They can be a bitch to put on but crap they are not. Mine have taken many hits and come back for more!

unabikers nice, install a pain

agreed, i screwed up the install... had to take some pics and do it again

thanks to this site, everyone sorted me out :thumbsup: thanks :busted:

they are better at blocking stuff than the stock guards shield do from debris as well

thankfully i have not had the pleasure of knowing how strong they:thumbsup:



Another happy Unabiker customer here.

Admitted they are a PIA to put on but once buttoned up they are solid.

Unibiker here too...

First time out I hit a pool cue size stick pointing up from the ground that would have pierced the rad. Unibiker damaged. Saved $300...

Front washed out on an angled wet log crossing, twisted the right rad pretty bad back up against the tank (07WR450). Two months later with the tank removed I held onto the handle bars and pushing with my foot I twisted the entire rad and Unibiker back into nearly normal position. That means that the Unibiker guard had the entire radiator so protected that the rad/guard assembly acted as one unit. No leaks!

That's not crap! You can break anything!

can I install the unabiker to my wr250f '06 without removing the AIS?

Devol all the way! I think they look sweet and, are very durable. My bro hit a tree head on the day he put them on and, all it did was bend the guard a bit. If he did not have them on then, it would have riped his radiator off..

I still have the AIS on my bike with, Devol guards! no problem..

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