Regulator/rectifier replacement

A few weeks earlier I posted about problems with the battery and starting the bike.Now that I have my bike sitting while waiting for some suspension parts(seized swingarm bolt/worn bearings)I took the time to inspect the charging system more thoroughly and checked the regulator/rectifier as per manual instructions (oh yes,I finally found it...:applause:tough it is for 79-93 models and includes a supplement for 1991 and later xr650l models ) and it seems to be defective.The ohms readings are fine but at the test where it states that there should be no continuity it fails.Also when checking the alternator stator I'm also getting continuity readings between the yellow wires and ground when there should be none.Do I have both components defective or should I perform a different test?I know that the manual I have is a little old but I figure that the electrics from a '93 650l model is still the same for a '05 one.Thanks for any help.

resistance checks are not always accurate. what matters is how a circuit handles a load. resistance could change when the circuit is LIVE.

if you found an open circuit, replace it. if it is supposed to be closed!

With the stator disconnected from the regulator the three yellow wires should have no connection to the frame (ground). If there is then the stator is bad. Depends on the reading though. A lot of newer voltmeters are auto range selecting. It might be measuring the resistance through you if the number is 50k ohms or so. If it is 1 ohm then it is bad.

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