Rubbing Chain

My 2000 WR400 had done around 1000km when i noticed a noise coming from the chain - it turned out that it was rubbing on the frame downtube , particularly at low to medium revs in high gears. The chain did not seem to loose , and the wheel alignment seemed ok.

I have just ( 2000km ) put a new o'ring chain on , along with new front and rear sprockets in the hope of curing this problem before it rubs right through my frame. Although the stock chain still looks good and has hardly needed any adjustment from new.

However , this has not cured the problem , and the new chain is still rubbing on the downtube. I wrap tape around the tube before every ride to minimise damage , but the chain quickly rubs through it.

Anyone else had this problem , or got any ideas of how to fix it ??



Two things come to mind. Is the drive sprocket correctly installed? Maybe you use too low rpms? On 5th gear I need to ride at least 70 km/h to have a smooth ride. I still have the original chain after 12000 km. It is rather loose now and if I haven't adjusted it properly, it'll have a contact with the tire but not with frame.

I just checked from my bike that there's about 1 cm from the chain to the down tube, when the bike is in rest. If you have less, check the sprocket.


Make sure that the noise is not comming from the chain hitting the swing arm. My chain wore right through the black plastic guard and was wearing on the swing arm. I noticed the tube that you are talking about with some marks also but the noise was from the swing arm..

good luck,

Ion H.

Thanks for the responses.

I did think of changing the swing arm slider - it is not worn through , but maybe the original chain has left enough of a groove for the new chain to simply run in its tracks ?

I also have about 1cm+ between the chain and frame tube when at rest , but is the front sprocket sided - in other words is it possible to put it on the wrong way around ?

The other thing I forgot to mention is that I have fitted a 15T front sprocket instead of the 14T original - i dont suppose that makes any difference?

Thanks again


I also run a 15 tooth CS sprocket at times and have not experienced a chain / frame clearance problem. Sounds to me like your chain is way too loose. The chain on my '00 WR needed many many adjustments when new.

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