Back in the dirt 30 years later.:)

Thought I'd say hi to everyone here, and thanks for all the useful information on the YZ 4 strokers.

I grew up riding dirt bikes, starting with a 69 (?) Honda 50 mini trail when I was 8, then moved to a Yamaha mini enduro, MX 100, and then my last dirt bike, a 75 Honda 125 Elsinore which I rode until out of high school. Then college, working, marriage, etc hit and I've been off the dirt since the late 70's. Have had a few road bikes since then, but got the itch about a year ago to get back to the dirt. I've always been impressed with the 400, 426 and 450 YZ's, and came across a rather clean 2003 YZ 450 last week and it's now out in my barn.:worthy: (still warm b.t.w. because I had to take it for a spin after work before it got too dark....)

All I can say is this thing is amazing. Very easy to ride with my rusty skills, and the goofy power has had me smiling every second I've been on it. Wish I would have bought one sooner.

Welcome. :worthy:

keep the oil fresh ,clean that air filter and you'll have fun for a long time

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