Witch Keihin carb for 06 650L

I am upgrading my 650L I have a FMF power bomb, Q2, air box mods,K& N,uncorked,De smoged, Dyno tuned and I want more powwer. I am adding a 10.5-1 piston, strage 1 hot cam, head work, and I want to add a 41mm. flatslide Keihin pumper carb. I want to retain the air box.

Witch Keihin carb or kit is best for my bike and where in San Diego area can I buy the carb kit.

Thanks Craig Hammerin Hammon.

Craig, I have an 06 XRL and just rcvd the Keihin FCR kit from Sudco today. I shoudl be putting it on in the nextday or two, I will let you know how it works.

FYI several posts on here have indicated that the jetting from Sudco is too rich. If you decide to go with this I wouold go on the jetting forum and ask Burned for his recc's.


fellas i have been running my fcr 41 non-mx, non choke slant pumper from sudco for 8 mths now. a great carb! they come with 170 main and i think it was a 60 pilot. i now run 158/52 1 1/4 turns out(4300 ft.). i think im a bit lean on the pilot circuit but will rejet all as soon as i install this hotcam. i also run an E2 series slipon with header welds ground down. i also have a uni pod filter cuz i relocated the battery and all electronics to the air box(have pics if u want to see em). the jets it came with basically made it flood out! though sudco says they recomend the 170. prob. just to cover their ASS for any lean problems. killer throttle response and just as good top end being 1.5 mm smaller than stock. well worth the 480.00.

Put it on last night. Notes:

- Must use the Sudco cables, but they are included.

- Don't use the Sudco jetting, it will be way off. I called out sizes to Sudco based on Burned's recc's. They were wayyyyyy different than Sudcos and are really close. I don't see how it would have ran at all with theirs.

- Fit is not great. It drives me nuts when aftermarket stuff is hack. This is not in that class but overall carb length is about 5 mm too short, so you have to pull the boots on and then tighten. OD of bell on engine side could be 1-2 mm larger and clamping would be better.

- Fiting the carb into intake manifold takes care, so that the mating is correct.

- Bike started right up (cold morning too) and was totally rideable. Blip the throttle to put some fuel in the cylinder and hit the button.

- Throttle response is much better, which to me is the biggest problem with the L. Lifting the front in 1st is no problem, and not hard in 2nd. Builds revs a little faster too, but those people that claim it turns their bike into a Funny Car are exaggerating juuuuust a bit.

- Nobody has posted what to do with the clutch lever. FCR has no choke, so I removed the cable, which is nice, but I want a level that allows me to plug in the OE connectors for neutral safety switch. Anyone?

- Burned is a big help to all on this board, and is underrated. If any of us ever meet him, we should but the dude a beer.


i just removed the cable and left it be.

a WITCH just in time for Haloween LOL JK

a WITCH just in time for Haloween LOL JK

I am sure that this pumper is a big improvement - but I sure had bad luck with one on my XR250R too rich from XR's only and fit was ..fitful! for my riding style and performance expectation I will stay with stock. WITCH suits me just fine ;-)

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