Plastic Paint?

Anyone have any experience with the Krylon for Plastic paint? Does it work well?

I've had good results with the Krylon Fusion paint. I've noticed that the adhesion gets better for several days though so don't jump to conclusions if you can easily scrape it off the next day. It's a good idea to scuff the plastic with 400 or 600 sandpaper and wash it down with Windex or alcohol first.

ya used it on the sidecovers good job and ya wash really good w/ windex

dont know what is in windex, maybe it has some additive that might not dry clean right, but you cannot beat alchohol wipes from a first aid kit for this type of preparation.

use this

It's better than paint as it penetrates the plastic. My computer is '77 corvette yellow, I used auto vinyl dye to dye my cdrom and dvdrw face plates and drawers yellow too. I wish I had a picture.

Anyway, after you use vinyl dye, sometimes scratches dont show, it's the new dyed color under the scratches because the dye penetrates so deep! It's best to do when it's hot outside. clean your plastics and let them sit in the sun to get warm.

Then take them in the shade and dye them. overspray has not been an issue, but i've only used light colors, darks may streak.

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