Plunger and spring

ok, this looks obvious to me but thought i'd ask. i havent got my hotcam yet for my 650L cuz my dealer ordered one for a 650R. hoping tommorrow. so i was bored and pulled the stock cam out tonight. very simple job. so, i know the auto decompressor is no longer used. looks to me like the plunger and spring in the head will be discarded. Right? i dont think i want those 2 pieces in there to grow up and become a "little man with a large hammer" in my crank case.

All that ratchet mechanism will be gone so there's no need for that plunger to be there anymore I'd just remove it. As you are well aware of the last thing you need is to that piece fall down into the cam chain or get between a couple gears.

thanks BJ, i just found online at they say the spring and pin DO need to be removed.

another question for ya'll, the v/c gasket is metal. with alot of the toyota gaskets that i deal with that are metal can be reused. this is one i think i can reuse with out a replacement. i think i will just use a little FIPG(formed in place gasket) Toyota's version of silicone sealer. what you think?

You can reuse them. I coat them with a very little bit of high temp silicone. Be sure that what ever you use can take at least 550 degrees. These aircooled engines get a lot hotter than a watercooled car/truck engine.

Don't overdue it like I did though. I tried to reuse mine about 3 or 4 times. I nowhave several leaks.

Like Cleonard, I have re-used the VC gaskets on many occasions. I use a fine wire wheel on a high speed air motor to completely remove the old sealant from the gasket. Then, use Permatex 81160 Hi-Temp gasket maker, a thin even coat works very well. I have also successfully used K&W Copper Coat aerosol gasket sealer on these gaskets, however, it tends to creep out from under the cover after installation if you use too much. Again, a thin coat is all that is necessary. I prefer the Permatex.

ok, i'm on the same page as you fellas. thx.

kinda, but the FIPG actually dries. from what i understand anaerobic doesnt really dry. thats why it wont tear.

our stuff beats and loctite, permatex, or anything else ive tried.

Yes remove the plunger and springs. Also we cut the tab off the rocker because the high lift cam was pushing the rocker to the ceiling of the rocker cover. Maybe the stage one is ok though. Also about sealant we use a 5699 grey rtv from loctite it matches the engine great, seals good, and can be removed fairly easy if you want to get back into there again. I like it

yeah it doesnt dry solid hard but it does get close to it. ive used it on engine cases that are just maching surfaces and it works flawless on that. Just weld that vavle cover on and be worry free from leaks LOL

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