aftermarket triple clamps?

For a xr600, is it worth getting Triple Clamps? Even to add fat bars? I was looking at getting one and then I saw that Scotts or Applied Racing still sell the complete upper and lower clamps. Scotts are very expensive but Chapparral Motorsports has Applied Racing at a more reasonable cost.

Any ideas would be welcomed. Is it worth getting upper/lower or just the upper?


At the very least get a top clamp (i suggest Applied). The top clamp will allow you to use either 7/8" or Fat bars and will move the bars farther forward and higher which makes the ergos FAR better than stock.

i have applied for my YZ and there great, whats that guy who makes the ones for the L sells on ebay alot and the fork braces??? help me out guys on the tip of my tongue. RSW????

yeah here check this he makes triple for prolly alot less than others and alot use them here as ive read. when i talked to him you can get riser for 7/8 or 1 1/8 bars too. Hell make you anything.

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