Just bought an XR500

As this seems to be the place for the XR500, I figured I'd post this here.

I do my own maintenence, and i had a couple of questions about what should be done with these bikes, and some general questions about dirt riding.

Firstly, apparently the 83 was the first year the RFVC engine was used. I've heard everything from "honda reliable" to "the rockers are made of chocolate" on these. Thoughts?

Secondly...I'll be doing what will be considered "light offroad" use. I've got some new knobbies that came with the bike at the moment, the tire sizes are:

Front: 3.00-21

Rear: 5.10-17

What are people's recommendations for tires? I probably won't be riding anywhere too extreme, probably 50% pavement and 50% light dirt roads.

Third: What sort of maintenence should i be doing now, having no idea what kind of maintenece the PO has done? I'm figuring valves, oil, lube the shock linkages and the axels. Also, i'll be checking the rockers after the warning of a guy on another forum. Do i need to check the spokes?

Thanks guys!

Should i have posted this in vintage or elsewhere? :worthy:

there are a couple guys asking about 500's sometimes.

when i go to vintage there are a ton of guys that have em there. thats where i'd go!

Should i have posted this in vintage or elsewhere? :worthy:

All the RFVC motors are just about the same. This is a good place. For the earlier non RFVC engines the vintage forum is the place.

the only problem I had with one I bought (used) back in 1995 was the kickstarter sheared off at the case. Other than that it was a beast! as usual regular oil and filter changes and run it!

The 17 inch rear limits your choices. I liked the IRC Vulcanduro (VE33?) the best followed by the Bridgestone M22. The ChengShin C755 is cheap and does work, but doesn't last long and doesn't have as good traction. Those are non-DOT dirt tires. For a 50/50 DOT tire the Kenda K270 is decent and priced right.

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