Ballinger ride report

Just returned from a really good ride at Ballinger. I rode with my buddy and his son. They were riding a TTR 125 and a DRZ 250. Got there around 8:30 this morning. Hit the trails around 9:00. I was worried about the weather. It started snowing as I was driving over Hwy 33 on my way there. On our first ride It was overcast and kinda cold. We rode for about 7 miles and then attempted our first hill climb. Nothing major. As soon as I started up the hill something was different. I got really loose and just barely made it up the hill. The TTR also made it up but it wasn't easy. My buddy on his brand new DRZ didn't make it and ended up on his side half way up the hill. The problem was snot slick sticky mudd. None of us have any real mud riding experience. This stuff is tricky. We went back down the hill and tried in vain to rid ourselves of this horrible substance. We then decided to head back to the trucks. The weather had changed for the worse. On the way back we experienced freezing rain and snow. It was bitchen. Except my goggles were so fogged up they were useless. After we regrouped at the trucks it was off again. This time the weather was better. It was amazing how much the soil had dried. We rode up out of the main road up some killer singletracks and everything was way fun. No dust killer traction. It was all good. We then deciced to try a trail we had never been on. It had everything from open dirt road to razor thin ridge riding single track. The single track was a real test of nerves. Not very much room for error because it was on this sucidal ridge. We all made it and were just amped! Back to the truck and time for a BBQ. After that one more ride. We found another single track that was just insane. Really technical tight single track with switch backs creek crossings mud and steep downhills. Mr. DRZ went down again on a uphill exposed single track. The weather was getting a little sketchy so we headed back to the trucks. On the way back we had hail. It was strange the sun was shining not many clouds in the sky and hail was just pouring down on us. Kinda hurts when it hits you in the face at speed. Overall a really good ride. Hardley anbody on the trails. The weather made this 50 mile ride a day to rember. Later.

Well that place can be really trick in the rain!!! I was thinking of driving over the hill myself but by the time I got back from working the rain had started. Could this be d from the famous lauhglin 200 mile ride a while back??? terry.

No no the same D. Later.

Let me try that again. No not the same D. Later.

No no the same D. Later.

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