adjustable fuel screw help, stupid question

alright i got a adjustable fuel screw recently and im trying to figure out how the damn thing works. bascially the numbers are what are screwing me up. as i see it adjusting 1 to 2, 2 to 3 etc. would be 1/4 of a turn or is that considering one full turn? i no this is completely stupid but im just unsure. ive never used one of these before. thanks! and once again sorry for my stupidity :worthy:

One full turn is one full turn, the #'s help to make small adjustments, and it makes it easier to remember what adjustments are made. IMO.

The numbers, as said, are for reference, and each is one quarter turn. If you screw it all the way in until it seats, and the number 3, for instance, is facing out at you from wherever you happen to be, then turning it out 'til the 3 shows again is 1 turn, and doing the same again is 2 turns. Then you move it one number or two from there to get the right setting.

You might also look at:

(The site is for 250F's, the procedure is the same)

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